Request A Fed4FIRE+ Account

The current authority which can be used in the Fed4FIRE federation is located at


Click on Sign Up to request a new account.

The authority has the concept of Projects which bundle multiple experimenters. In a Project, the PIs (Principal Investigators) can approve new experimenters for that project, without Fed4FIRE administrators needing to approve this.

Here we will start with creating a new project by clicking Start New Project. If you have been invited to a Project, just click Join Existing Project (or you might have received a specific URL). Now, we have to fill in our account information. There are numerous checks (e.g. passphrase should be longer then 10 characters, home page URLs should be reachable and so on), so fill in as correct as possible.

If all goes well, you will receive an email in your mailbox with a code to verify your account which you have to fill in in the diablog box.

The next step is that a Fed4FIRE administrator or project administrator approves your request. This is manual work, so it might take some time. You will receive an email when that is done. After that, you can login on the authority portal and continue with Your First Experiment.

About the The Fed4FIRE+ Login Certificate

Fed4FIRE+ works with X.509 certificates and RSA private keys to authenticate and authorize experimenters on testbeds.

When you created an account, a random private RSA key was created for you, and in addition the authority created a matching certificate.

This certificate is used by testbeds to securely identify you. Testbeds can decide which certificates from which authorities they accept. In this way, a federation of testbeds and authorities is established. Fed4FIRE is such a federation.

This certificate is bundled together with your private key into a single PEM-file, called the login certificate.


The certificate has an expire date, after which it is no longer valid. You can renew the certificate via the authority website

Some tools, like jFed will automatically download the login certificate for you when logging in. Other tools require you to download it from the authority website and pass it to them as a file.